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12-17-2008 - Happy Birthday Bryan.
12-15-2008 - The Holidays are upon us. Enjoy them with your friends and family. We are off to visit mom & dad in Arizona for the holidays.
11-20-2008 - We hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We are off with our family in the desert having fun and cooking the Turkey. Have a happy birthday Cheryl
10-30-2008 - Have a safe and happy Halloween
10-27-2008 - The Bridal Bazaar was all day - we are so happy to have met so many new brides and grooms!
10-23-2008 - Our website is undergoing some visual changes, please bear with us during construction. Feel free to drop us an email to let us know how we are doing and if you like the new design. Thank you, Kellerman Photography.
10-22-2008 - Please visit us at the upcoming Bridal Bazaar, Sunday, October 27, 2008.
10-21-2008 - Our prayers and thoughts extend to all affected from the October 2007 Wildfires on this one year anniversary.
10-06-2008 - Thank you to my sister for all her support and special cards over the past year.
09-2008 - Congratulations to Cari and Jim to expecting their first child!
08-2008 - Grandpa had his suprise birthday party this weekend. It was exciting seeing the whole family togehter once again.
07-2008 - Michael celebrated his birthday this month!
06-2008 - Happy birthday Brenda, my very best friend, my sister. Happy birthday, Dad, we love you. Congratulations, Brittany, on graduating high school - Welcome to the real world!
05-2008 - Samantha turned 9 years old. Our daughter is growing up soooooo fast!
04-2008 - Happy birthday, David, and Mom.

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